Thursday, September 24, 2015

Honest Beauty Review

It finally arrived!

That would be my Honest Beauty bundle. I was so excited that I decided to try a video blog post of the unboxing. Richard helped me and had fun playing with the mascara. 

I love the Honest Company and their products. I've used their Essentials Bundle, which includes things like cleaning and personal care products, for about a year. I was stoked to see them open a line of beauty products. 

Honest Beauty is a new branch of the Honest Company. Naturally, everyone who loves their products are now reviewing the beauty line. Myself included. 

The first thing I did was order their trial. It is a free trial, but you do pay $5.95 in shipping. In my opinion, paying the $5.95 is totally worth it. 

I chose to get the trial for balanced skin. My skin is basically normal, which means it is not too oily or too dry. It came with the Gel Cleanser, the Even Brightener, and the Beyond Protected Beauty Fluid. These are basic cleansers, moisturizers, and protection. They came with an adorable and high quality gray bag which I will definitely be using to carry my make-up around in my rockin' mom bag. 

Now, I could not wait for my trial to arrive, so the next day I also ordered my bundle to that I could start my new beauty routine right away. The bundles cost $50 for three products and then 25% off any other product, and you can add 5 more items to your bundle. 

I ordered the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream, the Even Brightener Everyday Moisturizer, and the Everything Primer for my basic bundle. I then added the Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser, Luminizing Powder, Eye Shadow Trio (Truly Effortlessly Soft Sand), Truly Lush Mascara and Primer,  and Creme Blush (Truly Exciting). 

After I threw away EVERYTHING in my make-up drawer (which was probably over 4 years old) I tried the Gel Cleanser and the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream first since I was getting ready for bed and I want to include these products into a nighttime routine. I liked the cleanser because it didn't dry out my skin, but I LOVED the Deep Hydration Cream. It made my face feel so soft and silky. Now the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream does have a faint flowery smell, but it doesn't bother me.

This morning I used the Even Brightener Everyday Moisturizer, which I found to be thinner than I expected, but it still made my skin feel great. Next, I used the Primer, which appears to be tinted yellow color. At first the tint scared me because I have very fair skin, but it blended very well. I put a little Creme Blush on my cheeks, eye shadow on my eyes, mascara on my lashes (I've not worn mascara since my wedding 4 years ago) and finished with a little Luminizing Powder. 

I have to say, I think I look nice. (Just FYI- The lip color I am wearing is actually Burt's Bees, and I'll tell you about my love for Burt's Bees a little later.) I especially like the fact the the creme blush blended very naturally with my skin tone. Supposedly, according to Honest Beauty, you can also use the creme blush as a lip color. I'll try that later. 

I want to keep everything simple and thus far Honest Beauty is giving me the chance to purchase a quality product at a decent price. Granted, there are make-up and beauty products that are cheaper, but we all know that we get what we pay for. These products are definitely worth the price I paid.

I am hoping that they will add a brown mascara in addition to black because I think brown mascara looks less severe on me. I also hope they make a travel compact of Luminzing Powder that I can throw in my big mom bag.

**NOTE** When you order the free trial you have 7 days to cancel or else you will be charged $50 for your first bundle. They make this perfectly clear on their site and also in the e-mail they send you.

Honest Beauty has found a loyal customer.

**Update** I’ve been using Honest Beauty for about three weeks now and I have noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin. My favorite product is the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream that I use at night. It really makes my face feel soft.

I’ve also expanded to using the Everything Cream Foundation. I really like it because it is light and gives me coverage without having to resort to slathering heavy creams on my face that tend to clog pores.  I have also tried the Magic Balm. I am not quite sure exactly what it is to be used for, they just say to use everywhere and use it I put some on my lips and under my eyes. 

I want to emphasize that I am in no way affiliated with Honest Company or Honest Beauty and I do not get paid for this review. However, I have to say that after almost two years of going through a difficult pregnancy and then suffering with postpartum depression, it is great to feel like a woman again, and Honest Beauty has boosted my confidence with a price that I can afford. (Seriously, if you bundle some products are actually cheaper than some Burt’s Bees products! I looked!)

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