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Is The Honest Company Worth It?

I have been an Honest Company customer for about a year now. I really do like their products and I look forward to getting my bundle every month. There are a lot of people out there who really wonder if subscribing to the Honest Company is worth it. Personally, I have to say that sometimes you need to pick and choose. I'll give you a review of all of the products that I have used and tell you which ones I love and which I can live without.

The Honest Company is best known for it's bundles. If you bundle the products into a regular subscription you can save up to 35% on some products. I subscribe to the Essentials Bundle, which means I can get 5 products for $35.95 ($7.19 a piece) and 3 more products for 25% off. Sometimes you have to strategize how you place your bundle because some products are cheaper than others. You want to make sure the more expensive products are part of the regular bundle and the add some cheaper products on for the 25% off.

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There are a couple of products that I cannot live without and that would be the Shampoo + Body Wash and Conditioner. It is the only shampoo that I will use on my son because it is tear free and I have never had any problems with it if it gets into his eyes. I like them because they are the only shampoo and conditioner combo that is reasonably priced and does not leave  build-up in my hair.

The Organic Body Oil is simply amazing. I mix it with the Honest Face + Body Lotion in my hands and slather it on my body for that nice silky feeling. They are scentless so you don't have to worry about smelling like a flower garden, but you can add a few drops of essential oils to the lotion if you want to have a nice smell.

The Conditioning Detangler has seriously helped me control the flyaways in my hair. Richard loves to pull my hair (it's a comfort thing) and it as caused me to have a number of short hairs around my neck. The leave-in conditioner helps me to tame those and makes my hair smell really nice. I also use it on Richard to help tame his crazy red hair!

The 3 in 1 Facial Towelettes are another must for me. I use them almost every night to clean my face or get the make-up off.

The Healing Balm is one of those miracle concoctions that is a cure-all for just about anything! It is great for bug bites, burns, rashes, cuts, severe diapers rash, and just about anything else you can thing of. I carry this around in my awesome mommy bag and have a tube in every medicine cabinet in the house!

The Diaper Rash Cream is another must. Fortunately, Richard has not had many diapers rashes, but for the few times that he suffered from one this cream has cleared it up within a day!

The Bug Spray is the only natural bug spray that actually works for us! I've tried other natural brands, making my own, and purchasing stuff from vendors at the local farmers market, but the Honest brand is the only one that is effective.

The Soothing Bottom Wash is meant to assist with really messy diaper changes, but I use it as a facial toner. It has witch hazel in it which is really good for toning the pores. This is another product I use at least twice a day.

I also use the Toothpaste and Mouthwash. I've tried making my own toothpaste and mouthwash, but that just didn't work out, so I've had to resort back to purchasing them. I like using them because they taste better than some of the other natural stuff on the market.

I purchased the Organic Breathe Easy Rub to have on hand. I have not personally used it, but my grandfather borrowed it from me and loved it. (He asked if he could keep it!)

The Hand Sanitizer Gel is great stuff! It makes my hands feel nice after I use it. The Organic Lip Balm Trio is also very nice. (I like the Honest Beauty Magic Balm better, but that is more expensive and not quite as convenient to carry around.)

I've used both the Laundry Detergent and the 4 in 1 Laundry Packs and I like them. I used to use cheap detergent but it seems that the cheap stuff makes my clothes fade faster.

The Honest Deodorant and I kinda have a love/hate relationship. My husband has insisted that I switch to a deodorant that does not have aluminum in it and absolutely no natural deodorant that I have used has worked for me. The Honest Deodorant does a somewhat decent job at keeping me smelling fresh, but there are some days where I can smell myself at the end of the day. *Update* I've decided to give up on the Honest Deodorant because it doesn't seem to keep me smelling fresh all day long, I actually stink by the end of the day. So the search for an aluminum free deodorant that works for me continues.

I have used and liked the Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and the Floor Cleaner. I liked using them, but I have found a natural alternative that works just as well and is cheaper. Gotta cut corners somewhere. Same for the Toilet Cleaner, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Bubble Bathand the Rinse Aid

The Honest Company has had a recent controversy over their Sunscreen. Apparently they've changed their formula and many people found it to be not as effective. Personally, I have used both the old and new formulas and have not had any issues with it either on myself or Richard (and we are both VERY FAIR GINGERS).

I did not like the Organic Shave Oil. I think my skin is just too sensitive to shave with just an oil and I need something thicker. It gave me a rather nasty razor burn so I have never used it again.

I did have the Vitamin Bundle where I would get my pre-natal vitamins. I liked using the Whole Food Pre-Natal vitamins even though you had to take 3 pills a day plus the DHA pill. The vitamins didn't leave a nasty taste in my mouth and they didn't make me sick like many over the counter ones did. However, I have canceled my bundle for now because I needed to tighten my budget a little bit. If I get pregnant (which I am hoping will be soon) I will renew my bundle and get them again.

I have not tried the Honest Diapers because I find them to be a little pricey. Since Richard has not had any reactions to the standard disposable brands I have stuck with just buying Huggies from Amazon Mom (where I save 20% on a monthly subscription). However, if money were not an issue, or if Richard had a super sensitive bottom, I would definitely try the Honest Diapers.

Same with the Honest Baby Formula. They actually came out with their formula right after we weaned Richard from the formula and switched to regular milk. We used Earths Best Organic Formula for him to supplement after my breast milk production began to drop after I returned to work.

As you can see I do get a lot of products from the Honest Company, but I also have discontinued use of some of the products for slightly cheaper ones that I found to be just as effective. There are a number of products that I've not even tried, like the feminine pads/tampons. We are your average middle class family and need to pick and choose the areas where we need to tighten the financial belt.

If you are afraid to take the plunge, you can always order a trial for $5.95, which is to cover the cost of shipping. Just remember that you will have 7 days to cancel the subscription if you do not like the products or they will automatically ship you a full bundle and charge you for it.

I will probably write more posts about each individual product, but I just wanted to give a basic overview for those who are considering becoming an Honest member instead of making you surf through many different posts. You can check back later for more in-depth reviews on individual products.

Overall, I love the Honest Company and most of their products. The bundles typically arrive on my doorstep about 2 days after I order them and I have had good experiences with their customer service department. I highly recommend that you try them out and see what products would be good for you and your family!

This is a 100% honest review (no pun intended). I do not receive anything from the Honest Company for this endorsement.

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