Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Party Planner

My sweet boy!
My sweet little boy is going to be 2 years old on Friday! Wow! Two years of my life just flew by in a flash!

So now comes prepping for a party. We're keeping it simple, only close family and friends over, but there is a lot to do. First thing is trying to get the house clean! Hubby and I both work and it is difficult to keep the house clean...especially with a toddler on the loose. 

We also have to plan food and drinks and that ever so special birthday cake! Last year I baked cupcakes and decided it was too much of a hassle to bake again this year, so were gonna do a store bought Mickey Mouse cake. Granted, my prudent heart balked at the $26 price tag, but my baking and icing skills are rather minimal...and my grandmother insisted that her great-grandson have a Mickey Mouse cake. 

I also have to plan everything around nap-time. Richard can get pretty cranky if he doesn't get his nap, so I have to make sure he goes down for his nap at noon and is up by 3...like toddlers ever really follow a schedule. 

Yes, the house is still a mess and we'll be cleaning our little hearts out up until 5 minutes before the doorbell rings, but the food is all planned out. All we need to do is order it. 

I'm looking forward to celebrating the life of my son. He has brought such joy to our lives and while he will probably not remember it, I still want to make sure it's a special day for him. 


  1. He might not remember it, but you will and that is important too! : )

  2. We just had our daughters first birthday party and while she might not remember it, I always will! It was such a special day. Kudos to you for making life easier by ordering the cake. Anything to save time and stress is good :)

  3. Have a great time at the party! Don't forget to take tons of pictures so you'll have all those memories!

  4. Yes, minimal is key! I've done the elaborate, themed parties & I am SO over them... and our man cubs will turn 6 yr, 3 yr, and 7 months in March! I think this year we will be taking a family trip to the local indoor waterpark. Just us & the boys, no mess to clean up. Ok, it may be more of a mini vacation for the parents - but they won't know the difference! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little guy.