Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pursuing a Passion...Part Time

I love to write. I have always loved to write. Music and writing have been passions of mine since I was in elementary school. They served as emotional outlets to help me stay sane in a very emotional and dramatic world. 

When I was in high school, my best friend and I would spend long hours together creating stories and poems. I immersed myself in all different kinds of genre's, but I loved writing fan-fiction. I even had an account at and had a funny kind of adrenaline rush course through me as I uploaded a new story or received a review. 

I continued writing throughout college and when I was in graduate school I started my first blog which I titled Catholic Woman. Writing about topics on faith that I was very passionate about made me grow in faith and helped build confidence. I also wrote other stories on the side and no one has read them. Not even my husband. They are saved on a flash drive that I keep hidden away.

Naturally, when I got pregnant and had my little ginger blessing (My case you didn't figure that out), I had no inspiration to write. My muse had abandoned me. 

Now, since I have overcome my period of postpartum depression, my desire to write is back full force! I have so many story ideas running through my head and I desire to put them to paper...or computer so to speak. You know what I mean. 

My problem is the fact that I have very little time to write anything more than a blog post. Working full time and having a toddler messing up your house can be a little draining. However, I am determined to somehow get my stories written. 

Anyone who has a passion for creativity knows that it can drive you mad until your vision comes into existence. 

But now I am finally going to to do it. Some way, some how. It will probably take a long time, but working on the project itself is the funnest (is that even a word?) part of all!

I'll keep you all updated on my progress, no matter how slow it may be. 

I would love to hear any ideas that you may have to keep me on track! Writers unite!

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