Saturday, November 14, 2015

Basic Chicken Soup Recipe You Can Customize!

Cold season is upon is and it has already struck the Garland household! I adore my husband, but he is a baby when it comes to being sick and kicks and screams when I suggest remedies to him (Like taking the Honest Company Immunity Defense capsules).

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The most comforting go-to remedy to the common cold is chicken soup! I will no doubt be making a big batch of it this weekend, so I thought I would take the opportunity to share my very basic recipe.

I love soup and I love to make soup. It is just one of those staples that is so versatile and comforting, especially in the winter. I could eat soup day in and day out. The great thing about chicken soup is the fact that there are so many ways to customize it to your own tastes and needs.

Things you must have
-1 whole chicken (or chicken parts that still have the bone)
-1 onion finely chopped
-Potatoes that have been cubed (as many as you want)
-Water (store bought broth is optional if you want to add a little for additional flavor)

Fill a pot with water (or broth if you have it) and start boiling that chicken. You can add salt/pepper/garlic powder to it if you so choose for some seasoning. Once the chicken is cooked, take it out of the pot and set aside to cool. Turn heat down to medium and add the potatoes.

Choose a Green Veggie
-Kale/Spinach (Or both)

When your potatoes are mostly cooked, add a green veggie. Then pull apart the chicken and add the meat. Save the bones and throw them in a crock pot on low with some water for about 24 hours and you'll have some bone broth on hand for later use.

Add a Carb
-1 cup of quinoa (not sure if that qualifies as a carb, but that's what I'm calling it)
-1 cup of Rice (not minute rice)
-Noodles of your choice (all depending in the type of noodle, it may be best to cook noodles separately and add later to prevent them from getting mushy)

This is my very basic recipe. However, there are lots of ways to customize it and I always end up addling other stuff to match what I am hankering for.

Things You Can Add
-Chia Seeds (You won't even remember they are there because they are so small and have no taste, but that are very healthy for you!)
-Spring Onions
-White Beans
-Diced Tomatoes
-Tomato Paste
-Poached Egg (For extra protein)
-Lemon Juice or Lemon Grass


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