Friday, November 20, 2015

Got Books?

Libraries are just plain awesome. I remember getting excited as a kid when I got my first library card. It was my magical little key to reading any book that I wanted. The Bookmobile would stop in my town every Thursday evening and my grandmother and I would walk down the block to get a new stash of pages to read. 

Sometimes we would drive to the next town where the big library was and I would walk through the stacks, or watch one of the movies the librarians would show in their little theater. 

Those are some very fond memories for me.

I didn't have much time for leisurely reading while I was in graduate school. But once I earned that lambskin the first thing I did was walk down to my local public library and get a library card. Let me tell you, there is nothing like the smell of a library, the scent of paper and binding glue...ah, strangely comforting!

Well, my obsession with the e-reader kinda put a damper on my trips to the library. However, I recently found out that the library in the town where I work actually has the ability to lend e-books! During my lunch break last week I donned my pretty purple coat and made the trek downtown so that I could take advantage of free e-books!

Granted, the selection of e-books is much smaller that he traditional books, but it's still awesome. 

The cool thing about libraries is the fact that they have so much to offer: books, movies, activities, and it's all for free! (As long as you return the books and movies on time, that is.) They are an undervalued resource in society and I think that the people who seem to appreciate them the most are parents and book dorks...I just happen to be both.

Now, I am actually a member of two libraries, one where I live and one where I work. I cannot wait for my son to get a little bit older so that I can take him to the event that are offered for children. I certainly hope that he will appreciate them as much as I did. 

Finally, I am always looking for good books to read, so please feel free to leave me some suggestions below!

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